EWEAS project

Running project 2018 - 2021
KA2 Strategic partnership project

EWEAS – aims to improve water and energy efficiency in aquaculture facilities through improved management practices and the use of environmentally safe and cost-effective solutions. To achieve this,

EWEAS will create a new training course designed to upskill aquaculture workers with the knowledge and skills to reduce excessive water and energy consumption, minimize ecological footprint, understand the different concepts of energy usage costs, and perform self-assessment by ‘learning from doing’.

The e-learning training tool that EWEAS will deliver is free-to-use and will facilitate the exchange of good practices among aquaculture professionals, who often work in remote areas, making face-to-face training more difficult.


The EWEAS project is expected to significantly contribute towards a sustainable and more competitive European aquaculture sector at a local, regional, national and multinational levels. The project is designed to improve knowledge on efficient use of resources, reduce water and energy consumption, minimize environmental impacts at fish farm facilities, and improve the overall sustainability and competitiveness of the sector in Europe.