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IMPRESS project

Finalised project 2017 - 2020
KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Project IMPRESS (Improving management competences on Excellence based Stress avoidance and working towards Sustainable organizational development in Europe) aims to enable business professionals to gain a perspective on work-related stress issues.

Stress causes illness in persons and organizations and thus becomes a big economic cost factor – it is one of the main reasons for lost working days. Also, managing stress is not only an economic and competition factor but a moral obligation and a good practice for employers.

The intention of the project is to develop and validate an innovative toolset allowing identifying and dealing with stress-related issues in the organizations and to support them with new coaching and training materials in solving the identified problems. IMPRESS will incorporate this educational model into existing programs for (young) professionals who work closely with personnel systems.

The objectives and the results of the project are:

  • Develop an education module based on experiences in the industry that will equip professionals working in the industry with the necessary knowledge and skill sets needed to deal with the Work Related Stress issues that occur in a continuously changing work environment.

  • Develop a suite of practical tools that can be used by suitably trained professionals to quantify stress levels in an organization and at an individual level, especially with regard to the ability to work under pressure.

  • Design and pilot test an appropriate training approach for young people with the objective to enable them to cope with the challenges on the labor market by reducing the stress factors either before being employed or when they start their professional career.

IMPRESS project fits the objectives of Europe policies in boosting innovation in higher education, business and in the broader socio-economic environment considering the development and implementation of new learning and teaching methods and materials and the development of solutions for challenging issues, in this case, regarding work-related stress and process innovation.

Impress is a 3-year project financed by the Erasmus+ Program. Countries and organizations involved: GAIA (Spain), UNIVERSIDAD DE BARCELONA (Spain), LUDWIG MAXIMILIAN UNIVERSITY MUNICH (Germany), RIGA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (Latvia), IBK Management Solutions GmbH (Germany), International Industrial Consult GmbH (Germany), Biedriba Eurofortis – BEFO (Latvia), MUTUALIA (Spain), Waterford Chamber of Commerce (Ireland), REUH (Latvia).

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