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KNOWLO project

Running project 2021 - 2024
KA2 Strategic partnership project

The KNOWLO framework is an ongoing framework that is being developed by the group effort of 5 learning organizations from 4 different countries to come to a common agreement on an effective framework helping the knowledge-sharing possibilities and knowledge flow and at the same time working towards transforming traditional learning organizations into modern learning organizations or smart learning organizations.

KNOWLO in short…


KNOWLO project's main aim is a transformation of an educational institution into a SMART Learning Organization while supporting the learning/sharing process between organizations and people. On the general level, KNOWLO project targets several objectives:


1. To boost the innovative potential of vocational education

2. To provide a new and innovative system and methodology for training/learning and sharing which can stimulate vocational education, adult education

3. To provide the possibility to think out of the box by sharing/learning innovative ideas and methods from other types of educational organizations (universities, elementary schools, private adult education providers, etc)

4. To help educational organizations create an environment of excellence and become the Learning Organizations

5. To enhance the human capital in Learning Organizations

6. To help the Learning Organizations network with other similar thinking organizations across Europe


KNOWLO results…


The project results are directly linked to the activities foreseen within the project implementation period:


R1: Development of the methodological framework for SMART Learning Organizations

R2: Self-evaluation tool for the VET schools / educational organizations as the Learning Organizations

R3: Learning and sharing platform with SMART TOOLKIT

R4: Learning and sharing resource database

R5: Guidelines for the SMART Learning Organizations


KNOWLO partners…


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