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ON TRACK project

Finalised project 2018 - 2020
KA2 Strategic partnership

Tracking VET students and graduates and providing feedback and input to the quality assurance system of the VET provider is also one of the main gaps in the implementation of EQAVET.

“On Track” project will contribute to skills needs identification, gathering relevant data from VET graduates.

The project “On Track” responds to the identified gap and will develop, evaluate and put in use a VET graduates tracking system for graduates of initial vocational education and training schools and institutes.

The aims of the project are:

  • To analyze, in depth, the context and need in each country.

  • To develop a tracking system for VET graduates at institute level that will feed into the quality assurance system of the VET provider.

  • To pilot test and implement the tracking system, establish tracking mechanism and integrate it, in VET monitoring processes.

  • To support VET providers to establish the tracking mechanism and integrate it into their quality assurance system.

“On Track” project addresses European policies and priorities and responds to common needs of European VET providers. The transnational partnership guarantees the development of a tracking mechanism and tools that responds to the needs of all involved countries and can be also transferred in other countries.

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