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Training in Vukovar

The Learn&Lead training in Vukovar, Croatia, led by Harmony Academy professionals, definitely was a very valuable experience. The training provided both the theoretical and practical tools for in-depth understanding of presented topics. Communication and new leadership were the main concepts analyzed during the training. The activities were structured in a way that helped to base already acquired knowledge on the following ideas

and themes. Work individually, as well as with different partners and in groups was adjusted to the specific context and overall, the number of activities in different formats was well balanced. Each training session was opened with an icebreaker activity in order to prepare the participants for more serious tasks. Already after the first training days the whole group had built the basic foundation of trust and support that helped to cooperate and be more confident and productive during the sessions. A very important thing to mention is the added value of the course content both within the personal and professional dimension. The training focused on improving the skill of defining, self-assessing and analyzing ourselves and our lived experiences in a way that is more likely to increase the quality of our daily lives. Since an integral part of life is the professional sphere and work, the training also provided the framework with guidelines and principles for overcoming different challenges and boosting confidence in things we are doing.

I truly appreciate the professionalism and enthusiasm of the trainers and already sense the positive changes in my mindset. I also want to mention the amazing people that took part and who inspired me in many different ways. I do believe that the end product is a combination of knowledge, experience, people and interactions, which in my case has opened the way for self-reflection and self-growth.


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