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Finalised project 2018 - 2020
KA2 Strategic partnership


The project will create an harmonized training program across Europe, allowing health professionals to perform with full guarantees of safety and health the activities of sanitary transport service.


The sanitary transport service is a dangerous task when professionals have to deal with patients suffering contagious diseases. Nowadays there are several protocols to manage the tropical diseases, but health professionals are demanding specific guidelines and more practical training material and with an homogenous criteria.

Moreover, the creation of the Schengen Area and the suppression of internal borders in the EU make necessary common policies and procedures to face any potential outbreak of virus through transnational actions.


The TROPICSAFE project aims to develop an homogeneous training protocol at European level focused on patient transport professionals with normalized guidelines for a proper and safely transfer of patients with tropical diseases.

This training will be published in an Open Online Learning Platform. The training will include audiovisual support such videos, images and graphics in order to better demonstrate the safety procedures the professionals should follow, completed with a questions & answers tests to evaluate the training process, and translated to the languages of the consortium.


The partnership is composed of five institutions who know perfectly the sector in their countries, and represent the interests of workers, health professionals and trainers.

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