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eLearning development

Future for the learning

Important part of any successful EU project is a strong sustainable product at the end of the project realisation period. In the last years eLearning became a part of our training lives and with current world situation it’ s more important than ever.

Biedrība Eurofortis can offer high standard of eLearning courses development customised and focused on each project / customer needs.  

Sustainable eLearning after project realisation

Platform adaptable for multiple languages

Certificates for users

Advanced statistics

Interactive and visually atractive training materials

Interactive activities and quizzes

Adaptive design for PCs and mobile users

Customised solutions for paid courses

eLearning portfolio

Tropic safe course

Free online course

TOPIC: Safety procedures for paramedics

Basics of Business Excellence

Paid online course

TOPIC: Fundaments of successful organisation

Coming soon
Remote Learning
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