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Educational projects

Erasmus+, NordPlus and more

Biedrība Eurofortis takes active part in European educational projects realized within the various frameworks as Erasmus+ Programme or NordPlus.

We participate on development up-to-date learning materials, tools and methods aimed at identification or improvement of various personal and professional competences.

Within the project’s life cycle, we have experience with all different types of activities as:

  • Research and market analysis

  • Product content development

    • Development of learning materials

    • Development of assessment tools (more information about our business excellence background you can find here)

    • Pilot testing

  • Technical development of products

    • eLearning development

  • Project management

    • Hosting of the meetings and events (more information about additional hosting experience you can find here)

    • General project management

    • Dissemination activities (events as well as social media etc.)

    • Project quality assurance (more information about our total quality management background you can find here)

Educational development projects

Learning of future

Project mobilities and training

Unforgettable experience

Online Magazine Office

Different types of educational projects and innitiatives

Educational development projects (KA2)

Biedrība Eurofortis has more than 13 years of experience with development projects which helped us to strengthen our main expertise in eLearning development, quality assurance and assessment tools development.

But on the other hand we can provide all different types of activities as research, product content development, dissemination activities within the various fields including large conferences for 140 people, development of project related IT products and websites.

Project mobilities and training (KA1)

Biedriba Eurofortis is inviting organisations to come for a training/apprentice experience in Latvia.

In Latvia we can provide hosting opportunities for both apprentices and students to learn abroad, either in a workplace or at a VET school. Similarly, your staff can be sent to an enterprise or organisation to teach, train, or be trained.

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