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Organisational Excellence

...happy employees, loyal customers, satisfied managers and transparent informations to society...

And what does the excellent organisation mean to you?

In the 20th century many organisations were focused on auditing and quality assurance processes. In the 21st century the goal of quality management processes is to reach sustainable growth and outstanding results through the excellence principles, continuous improvement and learning.

Eurofortis as only organisation in Latvia can offer a certified Internal EFQM Assessor (IAT) training and the highest level of Coaching services related to implementation of Excellence principles.

Award Assessor of European EFQM Awards 2020

More than 100 teachers trained in Organisational Excellence

ONLY certified  EFQM Trainer in Latvia

Representative of KVALB (Latvian Society for Quality)

EFQM Implemented in large Latvian organisations

Several EFQM related EU projects

Organisational Excellence implementation services

Your pathway to excellence can be safe and easy!

Quality Assurance for projects

For your EU project we can develop the Quality plan, set up the structure for the Quality Assurance as well as to develop various levels of quality feedback questionnaires or the assessment tools.

Organisational Excellence training

At this moment we can offer 2 types of Business Excellence trainings:

  • Our training “How to build the Organisational Excellence” is an internationally licensed training developed by leading European Business Excellence trainers and advisors who have experience with implementation of Excellence approach.

  • And in cooperation with KVALB (Latvian Society for Quality) we can offer an official Internal EFQM Assessor (IAT) certified by EFQM.

Coaching, Assessment and Organisational Excellence implementation

Implementation of Organisational Excellence in your company / institution is the most complete level of services, agreed on the individual needs of every customer. It can include the support with the organisational assessment, coaching while implementing the excellence approach or the support before EFQM recognition or EFQM Awards.

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