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(L)earn&Lead Project

Running project 2020 - 2022
KA2 Strategic partnership project

In (L)earn&Lead project we foster an entrepreneurial, open and innovative higher education sector, by promoting learning and teaching partnerships with commercial and noncommercial
organisations in the private sector and develop new practices based on educational research and creativity.

The main of this project is to develop a new business model for a language school, which is based on transformation of the product to the more value-adding form of language
education which connects the language and professional education. Such transformation allows the language school to be not only the provider of the language education, but effectively connect it with professional education focused on business and personal development.

The desired main objective will be achieved through the following analyses:

  1. Analyse the current business models in language schools and identification of its limitations

  2. Analyse the market (competitive forces; market size; technology; society; political and economic factors) – context: education system (official school system/corporate education; language education/other education)

  3. Analyse the potential customers ranging from

  • Language education

  • Corporate education (management, leadership, etc.)

  • Personal Development and Self Improvement education

  • Art/other education

  • Alternatives (YouTube and similar online platforms)

Here we take into consideration three views:

  1. Education in context of learning

  2. Education in context of teaching

  3. Co-creation: Learning and teaching (online platforms)

Once the analyses are conducted, we will elaborate:

  1. New sector-specific and/or people and business development courses

  2. Guidelines for the Learn&Lead

Study Group
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