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nPeers project

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Running project 2021 - 2023
KA2 Strategic partnership project

The nPear project aims to mainstream the adoption of educational AR apps by assembling a comprehensive overview of available offers, collecting best practices, creating guidelines for physical education educators and developing an online course to deliver these materials. AR is a rapidly growing market amongst the ICT technologies. AR provides an enriched view onto the physical world, adding layers with contextually useful information, delivered visually or by stimulating other senses using hand-held or wearable devices. Many industrial use cases of AR in, for example, manufacturing, construction, health, the service sector, or in trade can be found.  

Main objectives: 

1. Map the educational  use of AR in physical  education. 

2. Facilitate the adoption  of AR in physical  education. 

3. Map the educational  use of AR in physical  education.

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Atlântica – Instituto Universitário 

Biedriba Eurofortis 

Clictic S.L. 


Unity Evropaiko Kollegio Elladas 

Stepp Strategie Servizi Sviluppo Srls 

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